Biking Xi'an's City Wall
Xi'an – 西安
September 30th  2016
Biking the Xi'an City Wall

Due to a combination of jet-lag, our hotel’s blackout windows, and the fact that we’d been out until four-thirty the night prior, we woke up around two in the afternoon. We had no real plans for the day other than to see Xi’an ancient city wall. The wall surrounds the inner city and is a popular destination for tourists, locals, and tech billionaires alike.

photo of gate house
photo of under wall
photo of people on stairs
photo of bikes
photo of wall through wall
photo of long wall
photo of roofs at sunset
photo of tandem bike
photo of bike against wall
photo of moat
photo of geoff sitting on wall
photo of gold roof
photo of laterns from above
photo of geoff touching latern
photo of wedding yello
photo of bell
photo of laterns alley
photo of laterns on

We entered the wall at the South Gate and rented a couple of bikes once we were on top. Biking at a leisurely pace, we made it around the wall’s ten-mile perimeter in a little under and hour and a half.

photo of long exposure
photo of selfi stick
photo of west gate house roof
photo of west gate night
photo of laterns close up
photo of corner of wall
photo of wall through wall night
photo of lights under wall
photo of silouettes

We turned the bikes in at the South Gate and decided to keep walking along the wall to the West Gate as the sun set. We met Hanchi for dinner at a restaurant near his home and then met his family as the final pre-wedding preparations were being made.