The Muslim Quarter
The Muslim Quarter, Xi'an
October 2nd  2016
Visiting the Drum Tower and the Muslim Quarter in Xi'an.

On our last full day in China, we decided to go for a long walk through Xi’an. We started by walking from our hotel to the subway line and taking it to the bell tour in the near-center of the city.

photo of apples
photo of train station
photo of sugar pigs
photo of bell tower
photo of bell tower flags

While here, we discovered the “Muslim Quarter” of the city. Western China, and Xi’an in particular, has historically been home to a large number of Muslim minority groups.

photo of dough
photo of cake
photo of chefs
photo of crowded alley
photo of hat
photo of lamp
photo of kart

This neighborhood of Xi’an houses a number of mosques and restaurants serving halal foods. In a country where such a large portion of the population follows a uniform set of customs and tradition, it was refreshing to see a group practicing customs different from that of the Han Chinese population.

After wandering the market streets in the Muslim quarter, we walked through a number of alleyways along the city wall before stopping for a beer at a bar/brewery appropriately named the “Near Wall Bar”.

photo of carcass and knife
photo of alley
photo of muslim alley
photo of people looking down
photo of wall bar
photo of majong
photo of bell tower night

We met the newlyweds for dinner one last time before heading to the Xi’an airport. Our flight back to Seattle (by way of Beijing) wasn’t until the following morning, but we’d booked a reservation at an airport hotel so that we’d be able to make our early-morning flight back to Seattle.