Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach, Oregon
June 24th  2017
A Weekend Trip from Seattle to Cannon Beach

I’ve lived in Pacific Northwest for a couple of years, but I haven’t really explored outside the city of Seattle much at all. I’ve visited Portland once, done a few hikes, and camped on the Olympic Peninsula, but that’s about the extent of my travels in the region.

When my mom asked me to join her on a drive down the Oregon coast, I was thrilled to have a chance to explore more of the region.

She would be driving all the way from Portland to San Francisco, but I’d only be joining for the drive from Portland to Cannon Beach. We spent a night at an Airbnb in Portland’s Boise neighborhood. Boise is a few miles outside of the city and it’s a bit residential, but it had a ton of great bars and restaurants. It actually reminded me a lot of Seattle’s Ballard.

The next day we drove west towards Cannon Beach. Our route took us through Willamette Valley which is home to a ton of vineyards and wineries. We ended up stopping for a tasting at Risdall Ranch Winery.

photo of mom and daniel
photo of vines on fence
photo of vines cloudy
photo of autumn and dan

We arrived at Cannon Beach in the early afternoon and checked into our hotel. We were staying in a beachside lodge at The Waves Motel.

We spent the afternoon roaming around the small, touristy, beachside town and walking on the beach. We’d arrived right on the edge of the busy season which meant good weather but smaller crowds.

photo of beach house
photo of mom and andy
photo of waves motel
photo of wedding
photo of beach pano
photo of grass

We had a decent but expensive dinner at a restaurant called Castaways. That evening we watched the sunset and made a campfire on the beach.

photo of beach pano sunset
photo of beach house sunset
photo of sunset silouhettes
photo of haystack sunset
photo of haystack waves

I woke up the next morning and went for a long run down the beach. We had a small lunch and went for an afternoon hike just north of Cannon Beach to another, much emptier beach called Crescent Beach.

photo of helicopters
photo of lighthouse
photo of rock through trees
photo of mom and andy beach
photo of dan