Cabo, Mexico
March 23rd  2014
Vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico

It was 80˚ and sunny the whole time. We spent 3 nights at the Meliã Cabo Real an all-inclusive on the beach.

The hotel was much nicer than I expected for the price and the food was great. Like all vacations it ended a little too quickly, but it was a lovely break.

We flew out of Newark early in the morning, which meant a long drive from Boston in the wee hours of the night. The flight went quickly, but in typical United Airlines fashion nobody was allowed to move up to the two empty exit rows without paying $90. Here’s their take on it:

photo of beach

The beach wasn’t actually swimmable as the rip-tide and current is quite strong along the Sea of Cortés, but the hotel did have a small area cordoned for people to have a taste salt water.

photo of thearch

We took the public bus down to the marina in Cabo San Lucas and took a catamaran out to some snorkeling.

photo of tequila
Un caballito de tequila!