New York
New York, New York
September 23rd  2014
The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan

I spent a weekend this September visiting New York City with some friends. We drove down from Boston on Friday night. It’s a surprisingly quick trip; in less than three and a half hours we’d driven from Northeastern in the South End to Fordham in the Bronx.

photo of fordham center

The night we arrived, we had planned to meet friends at a bar in Williamsburg. This proved difficult transportation-wise. First we tried to take an Uber into Manhattan so we could take the subway into Brooklyn, but our Uber driver’s app didn’t work - or so he said - and he ended up driving us in a circle and dropping us back where we started. I think he really just didn’t want to drive into Manhattan.

photo of train station
photo of fordham rd

Annoyingly, the only other good way to get from the Bronx to Brooklyn is to take the subway into Manhattan and then back out to Brooklyn. We ended doing just that; an hour and a half later, we were waiting in line to get into a hipster enclave of a bar. It cool, but we only stayed for a couple hours; by the time we left, our options for getting back to the Bronx were to take an $80 cab, or suffer through two more subway rides (making all the local stops).

We ended up cheaping out and taking the subway back to the Bronx. We didn’t make it back until 4:00AM.

The following morning, we’d made brunch plans in West Village.

photo of ferrari
photo of brunch

The brunch was a bit pricey and light for our taste, but it gave us enough energy to head to midtown to meet some friends who were coincidentally also in the city that weekend.

photo of lobby
photo of alex prom
photo of autumn and dan
photo of elephant

We met at the Museum of Natural History. I’d never been, so it was fun to explore. The dinosaur exhibit was great, but the rest seemed a bit dark and dingy and in the case of the space exhibit - rather dated.

photo of dino 2
photo of dino 1
photo of space

After a couple hours of meandering around the museum, we made plans with another friend who’d just got off work. We met for drinks nearby at a bar called The Dead Poet.

photo of yuki

Hungry from the day of walking, we ordered a bunch of bar-fare and a few beers.

We were a bit tired from the night prior, so we decided to spend the evening close to the Bronx where we’d be sleeping. On the way back we stopped in Grand Central where a missed train turned into an opportunity for me to take a few photos and explore the beautiful terminal.

photo of grand central
photo of schedule
photo of clock

Sunday morning, we drove to Flushing for Korean food and shopping. We had Seolleongtang (설렁탕) for lunch then did some shopping at the Korean grocery store H-MART. Before heading back, we also stopped at the Korean pastry store Paris Baguette to pick up some snacks for the drive back.

photo of hmart
photo of pastry
photo of paris baguette

On the drive back, we decided to take a slight detour to my hometown of Stonington. We had a few drinks and some oysters at a one of my favorite local restaurants Water Street. We ended up spending the night before driving back early Monday morning.

photo of beetle
photo of water street
photo of night