San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
November 6th  2014
A Long Weekend in California

This October some friends and I took a trip to San Francisco to visit some other friends who had relocated there for co-op. My friend Dan put us up in his apartment in Sunset for the long weekend.

photo of alc 1

We took a late-afternoon flight out of Boston which meant for an arrival time around 7PM. We dropped our bags at Dan’s and went out to the Mission for a late night snack and a few drinks before calling it a night.

The next morning our friend Rob who is co-oping at Apple in Cupertino met us with his car and we set out to do some sight-seeing.

photo of bridge 1

The Golden Gate Overlook was closed for some reason that day, but we could still park on the lookout and walk on the bridge itself.

photo of inout

We stopped for lunch at California’s quitessential fast-food restaurant In-N-Out. We made a stop on the way back at Twin Peaks before heading to Dan’s to relax and get ready for the evening.

photo of group 1
photo of group 2

That night, we walked down to the Sunset Beach with a cooler of beers and had a small bonfire. We had a late-night dinner of Korean food before heading to bed.

photo of fire
photo of bourbon

In anticipation of our visit, Dan had the foresight to buy tickets for the Alcatraz tour. Apparently they sell out weeks in advance. The weekend we arrived was also the last couple days of Fleet Week which meant the already crowded Pier area was inundated with tourists and locals alike hoping to tour the Navy ships.

photo of jet 1
photo of united

Our boat to Alcatraz arrived arround 1PM which coincided perfectly with the start of the Fleet Week Airshow. Alcatraz turned out to be the perfect vantage point, and we watched prop planes do acrobatics, and the blue angels storm above our heads.

photo of alc 2
photo of boat 1

That night we went out for Italian food for dinner before sampling Rogue Brewery’s huge selection of Ales and Spirits .

photo of trees

The next day was our last in San Francisco - our flights left in the evening. We got in a few last tourist attractions; we drove down Lombard Street, and hung out at Sutro Park before heading back to Sunset to pack up.

photo of baths

We made one last stop at Sutro Baths - a place I first heard about in the excellent podcast 99% Invsisible - before grabbing lunch and heading back to the airport for our flight back to Boston.