Exploring Busan
December 21st  2015
Essential Sightseeing in Busan.

While the weather in Seoul had been relatively chilly (about 45˚F / 7˚C) Busan proved quite a bit warmer. We woke up to sun and weather in the high fifties. We stopped at a nearby Paris Baguette for coffee before jumping on the Subway.

Gamcheon Village - 감천동

At first glance, you could be forgiven for mistaking Gamcheon Village for a small town on the Italian Riviera. The neighborhood’s colorful buildings snake up the side of a hill overlooking the sea. We spent a couple of hours wandering through the neighborhood’s maze-like staircases and paths before eventually finding our way back to the subway station.

photo of signs on wall
photo of wall mural
photo of steep stairs
photo of wooden house
photo of vending machine
photo of dog on motorbike
photo of trash bags
photo of dan
photo of autumn
photo of roof
photo of man walking up stairs
photo of kimchi pots
photo of dan in mirror
photo of rooftops
photo of dan camera bag
photo of autumn looking around the corner
photo of cactus
photo of alley
photo of wooden slats
Gwangalli Beach – 광안리해수욕장

In the summer months, the neighborhoods surrounding Busan’s beaches are filled with tourists, food stands, and street performers. In the winter, however, these neighborhoods are pretty dead. We spent some time relaxing on the beach and had hoped to find a restaurant along the shore for lunch, but almost everything was closed. We settled for a quick snack at a kimbap (Korean-style sushi rolls) restaurant on our walk back to the subway station.

photo of autumn on beach
photo of boats from the side
photo of autumn on desk
photo of subway
photo of autum lunch
Geumgang Park – 금강공원

I’m a sucker for a view. One of Busan’s best is the view from the cable car ride to the top of Geumgang Park. We managed to catch the last ride up and down the hill just as the sun was setting.

photo of fruit for sale
photo of stores
photo of top of cable car
photo of dan and autumn in cable car
photo of man on cable car

That evening, we decided to explore the night market around our Airbnb. We stopped at more than a couple street food stalls sampling charcoal-roasted sweet potatoes, a french-fry covered corn dog, and tteokbokki - a snack dish of rice cakes in pepper sauce.

photo of street food
photo of more street food
photo of fortune teller
photo of angry man
photo of autumn snacking
photo of autumn with hot dog
photo of paiks beer
photo of cotton candy