Taejongdae Lighthouse
December 22nd  2015
Exploring Taejongdae Park and Lighthouse

Our train back to Seoul wasn’t until late in the afternoon, so we had almost a whole day to spend in Busan. We’d originally planned to spend the day at a Jjimjilbang spa but decided that the weather was just too beautiful to spend indoors. We grabbed coffee and Googled for something outdoorsy to do in the city. We saw Taejongdae park mentioned in a couple places as a day-trip for a nice day.

photo of binoculars
photo of phone booth
photo of rock in the ocean
photo of feet
photo of lighthouse and flag
photo of kid
photo of soda

We took a bus from Busan Train Station to Taejongdae. The ride was a reasonably quick forty-five minutes along the coast and we arrived just in time to catch the park’s shuttle to the lighthouse.

photo of kid running
photo of daniel
photo of autumn sitting
photo of autumn face
photo of oysters
photo of eating

We’d read that on a clear day we’d be able to see across the sea to Japan from the top of the lighthouse. While we didn’t see Japan, the view of the blue-green sea was beautiful nonetheless.

We hiked down to sea level and bought a snack of freshly shucked shellfish.

photo of rug
photo of shells
photo of fisherman

We bussed back to the train station where we just barely caught our train back to Seoul. The ride back was quick and uneventful and we made it back to Seoul before dinner. That evening we went out for drinks and snacks with some of Autumn’s friends in Sinchondong.

photo of busan station
photo of sign
photo of autumn tran station