Camping at Shi Shi Beach
Olympic National Park
August 15th  2015
Camping in Olympic National Park.

This Summer, a few friends and I took a weekend trip from Seattle to Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park. I’d been living in Washington for a few months at this point, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to see much outside of the Seattle, so I was keen to explore.

We met early Saturday morning at the Seattle Ferry terminal and loaded up the car before driving onto a boat bound for Bainbridge Island. The ferry ride to Bainbridge offers a beautiful view of the Seattle skyline and only takes half an hour.

photo of tsunami
photo of tree
photo of ferry
photo of miles apartment
photo of staring at sea

From Bainbridge Island we drove two hours or so to Port Angeles - a city that serves as a jumping off point for Victoria, British Columbia and the rest of the Olympic Peninsula. We picked up some groceries and water and got back in the car for another two hours of driving to the most Northwestern point of the contiguous United States.

photo of tide pools
photo of bright horizon

When we got to the trailhead of Shi Shi beach we parked our car in a resident’s yard for a small fee and set off. The start of the beach was about two miles from the trailhead; the beach itself was another four miles long. We pitched camp about halfway down the beach and started a hike to its end.

photo of sunset rocks
photo of footprints
photo of sunset hdr
photo of people in sunset

The day had started out foggy but right around sunset it gave way to the most spectacular sunset I think I’ve ever seen. We walked back to our campsite and lit a fire as the last of the twilight faded to dusk.

photo of rocks moving water
photo of group walking
photo of wet sand
photo of bourbon
photo of fire

The next morning we woke up to a beautifully clear day and hiked back to the car for the long drive back to Seattle.

photo of morning sun
photo of morning beach
photo of leaving woods