Arrival in Taiwan
Seattle ✈ Taipei
November 19th  2017
Flying from Seattle to Taiepi

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in mainland China; I did a couple of internships there as an undergrad and went back for a friend’s wedding in 2016, but until this trip, I’d never visited Taiwan.

This trip was relatively impromptu; neither Ana nor I had made plans for the Thanksgiving holiday, and we both had a surprising number of friends who were living in Taipei.

photo of seat
photo of champagne on plane
photo of eva business class menus
photo of eva business class amuse bouche
photo of eva business class bread
photo of eva business class entree

We booked a direct, relatively cheap flight on EVA Air. I’d managed to amass enough miles to upgrade my flights to business class; this made a huge difference on the thirteen hour flight to Taipei. I was able to get a reasonable night’s sleep and hit the ground running when our flight landed early Monday morning.

photo of ana airport dropoff
photo of theresa greeting
photo of theresa apartment door

We’d made no plans for our first day in Taipei other than to meet up with our friend Theresa at her apartment in a neighborhood called Da’an.

We had brunch with her and some of her friends and, that afternoon, I went for a long run along the Danshui river with her friend Ian. He’d been a software developer in Seattle before deciding to take a year-long sabbatical to study Chinese.

photo of running
photo of danshui river bridge
photo of pocari sweat

That evening I met up with my friend Andrew. I knew Andrew from my time working in the mainland; he’d since gotten married, had a baby, and moved to Taipei.

He lived in Neihu, a beautiful neighborhood nestled at the base of a mountain in the northeast of the city. We made dinner, had a couple of beers, and caught up.

photo of subway doors
photo of guy waiting for subway
photo of bus at night
photo of alleway
photo of nighttime crosswalk