British Columbia, Canada
April 1st  2016
Riding the train from Seattle to Vancouver

It’d been an unusually sunny April in the Pacific Northwest and so I decided to take a long weekend and take a trip North to Vancouver. I’d been to Canada plenty of times on the East Coast but hadn’t since moving to Seattle.

photo of train station
photo of computer on train
photo of train couple window
photo of train aisle
photo of train around a bend

I contemplated renting a car for the trip, but the train seemed like a cheaper, more relaxing - albeit slower - method of transport. We departed early Friday morning and got into Vancouver around noon. We Airbnbed a beautiful loft-style apartment in the historic Gastown neighborhood of central Vancouver. We spent the first day getting acquainted with the neighborhood; we stopped for lunch at a cafe called Tuc Craft Kitchen.

photo of tuc food 1
photo of tuc menu
photo of tuc food 2
photo of gastown flatiron
photo of gas town
photo of gastown statue morning
photo of gas town bike

After a quick nap, we had appetizers at a restaurant called The Flying Pig before heading up the Vancouver Lookout to watch the sunset.

photo of flying pig charcuterie
photo of flying pig menu
photo of me
photo of tower
photo of tower windows
photo of tower view 2
photo of tower view 3

We had a late dinner nearby at a Japanese Izakaya in Gastown called Guu.

photo of gu 1 3
photo of gu 1 2
photo of gu 1 5
photo of gu 1 1

The following day, we grabbed coffee and caught a free shuttle to the Capilano Susptension Bridge in Northern Vancouver. It’s a bit of a tourist trap but it was a fun time nonetheless. That afternoon we had drinks in Gastown and took a long walk up to Stanley Park. We roamed around the Park before heading into the ritzy West End neighborhood for dinner.

photo of bridge cameraman
photo of bridge me
photo of bridge tree
photo of bridge autumn and dan
photo of bridge walkers
photo of boat daylight

We had ramen for dinner at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and drinks afterwards at the West End branch of Guu.

photo of ramen autumn
photo of ramen door
photo of ramen pork
photo of ramen rice
photo of gu 2 1
photo of gu 2 3

In the morning, we took the light rail out to Richmond - a suburb of Vancouver - for some Dim Sum at a restaurant that a coworker had recommended called Chef Tony’s Seafood. Afterwards we checked out of our Airbnb and had a couple of drinks before boarding the train back to Seattle.

photo of dim sum 1
photo of dim sum 2
photo of korean statue
photo of canadian train station
photo of pbr